Rector's Message

Dr. Asif Raza

Rector UMT

Today’s brave world needs professionals in all branches of life especially the role of commerce is critical because it is interconnected and deals with all other contemporary sciences. From a small-scale to large-scale organizations, government institutions, the demand for accountants, tax experts, corporate governors and risk managers is growing day by day in order to run the business and make the world a better place to live in. UMT’s School of Commerce and Accountancy (SCA) is doing well and it has taken many initiatives to bringing transformation in the society and creating a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and learning with passion. As the school is one of the oldest at UMT, it has excelled in contributing to national economy where a good number of our alumni are rendering their services in banks, commercial organizations; national and international firms. We strongly believe in quality education and we believe that this sort of education paves way for better results when it is a matter of leadership generation to take care of the system and revolutionize it.

 The Bachelor and Master's Degree programs at SCA provide a holistic approach of learning that is more practical and embedded with a real-life exposure. Our students learn a step further and they have been provided the best available facilities to grow up resourcefully and make a difference in the learning.  The faculty is outstanding with holistic knowledge in the relevant area and it helps students sharpen their vision, and analytical skills. We are inspiring a generation to get ready for real-life challenges and inspire others to take interest in problems and come out with the best solutions.

University of Management and Technology (UMT) is a pioneer institution of higher education. We have a good reputation and all of our degree programs are recognized internationally. What’s more, we trying to fulfill the ever-increasing demand of modern organizations and institutions by giving them an access to our well-groomed and better- trained graduates in every domain. These days, more and more people are choosing a career in audit and accountancy and UMT’s School of Commerce and Accountancy is an ideal place for you to get in-depth and to-the-point knowledge in the field.  Let’s help you rediscover yourself and succeed in your career!

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