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Since its launch, the School of Commerce and Accountancy (SCA), is offering the quality education in the field of commerce and accountancy and has offered a pathway for non-accountancy degree holders to enter the accountancy sector through its dedicated programs at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Muhammad Azeem Naz

Director SCA

If you are looking for opportunities for personal development, career advancement, or a career in the accountancy sector, there is no skill set more valuable than an accounting qualification. Accounting information is essential for any organization to operate profitably in good times and sustainably in challenging times. In today’s complex business environment, knowledge of accounting is, more than ever, essential for anyone who aspires to move up the corporate ladder. Accountancy, and its related fields such as taxation, consulting, corporate governance and risk management, are the cornerstone of an economic system.

So what does this mean for accountancy students? It means that when you graduate, you will always be in demand in both accounting and non-accounting industries regardless of market conditions. It also means that when vying for that promotion in your company, your accounting background will tip the scales in your favor.

At the UMT School of Commerce and Accountancy (SCA), we will take you one step further.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, employers look not only for technical competencies when hiring or promoting, they also look for skilled, articulate, career-savvy and confident workers who can make a positive and long-term impact on their organization. Our Bachelor and Masters’ programme provides a holistic education emphasizing real-world readiness. Centered on a strong accounting core, the curriculum is broad-based, covering business, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership skills, communications and compulsory internship ensure our students graduate with hands-on experience and are ready for the corporate world.

Our faculty is our strength as it continues to grow and we count world-class scholars and business leaders as part of our team. At School of Commerce and Accountancy (SCA) we have on qualified Chartered Accountants Cost and Management Accountants, ACCAs and MS and PhD holders on our faculty board. With this unique composition in our faculty team, we are recognized for our contributions towards the thought-leadership, education and training in the accounting industry.

We look forward to welcoming you as our student.

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